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    HAI-RVC Investment Forum for Accredited Investors, 4:00-7:00pm, The Harvey House (on the Catalyst Campus), 555 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs 80903

    This HAI Forum will be held in conjunction with the Rockies Venture Club. 

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    Deadline for applying to present an investment opportunity.

    Interested applicants should follow this link to learn application requirements and submit all application materials through -- then share materials with both Rockies Venture Club and High Altitude investors. 

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    HAI Investment Forum

    HAI Investment Forum is for accredited investors.  4:00-7:00 p.m. in The Harvey House, 555 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colorado Springs 80903

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Thanks For Visiting High Altitude Investors!

High Altitude Investors (HAI) is an organization of accredited investors (as defined by the SEC), who seek private investment opportunities, largely in Southern Colorado and the Front Range. Membership provides access to special educational programming, entrepreneur presentation forums and social time to meet other accredited investors. Members are not required to invest in any deal presented in affiliation with HAI.


HAI-RVC Investment Forum

In 2015 HAI began holding their Invesment Forums in conjunction with the Rockies Venture Club (RVC) in the Harvey House on the Catalyst Campus, 555 E. Pikes Peak Avenue, Colorado Springs.  The HAI membership enjoyed a joint venue and will continue to consider working closely with RVC to provide investment opportunities with clarified due diligence processes. 

    HAI's Director Ric Denton and RVC's Director Peter Adams               




Guest Policy:

Guests and attendees should not solicit presenting companies and members for business. Guests are permitted to attend up to two times without becoming a member.